Bathing Suits That Show Too Much

Everybody is a bikini-body, especially during summer, and to Lizzo’s “It’s About Damn Time” tune. Lizzo would wear any bathing suit. However, these suits are excellent for large bodies with big curves.

It’s not good to order a bathing suit only to find that the top doesn’t cover your shins or that the bottoms don’t fit between your cheeks. There are many options for plus-sized bathing suits available that will help you love yourself, just like Lizzo. You can see them all below.

Younique Tummy Control Bikini

Because designers rely too heavily on animal prints to design for fat bodies, I promise this list will only contain one cheetah-print bathing suit. This bikini looks super cute and has tummy control, so your bottoms won’t slip under it.

Romwe Floral Swimsuit

Lizzo is all about showing off — but there’s nothing wrong with being supportive, especially if you plan to spend the afternoon tossed around by waves or hot lifeguards. The bottoms have high coverage, while the top has a thick band to support your chest.

Romwe Mesh Pullstring Halter Three-Piece

The halter bikini set looks stylish and comfortable without compromising support and shape. The sexy cover-up will protect your arms from the sun and chilly breeze while keeping your girls in front of you. This suit is perfect if you want to show off your chest at the beach.

Pink Queen Ruched Tummy Control Bikini

We can’t help but say that “Orange is the New Black” has been too long. We love it. The beauty of the bikini lies in its simplicity and design. It can be tied together with a little tie underneath your boobies. Your belly will be supported with tummy control.

Pink Queen Halter Bikini

Sunscreen isn’t the only way to escape from those who burn easily. This stylish bikini covers most of your midriff, so you can enjoy a long sunny day while avoiding a red stomach.

Sovoyontee Triangle Swimsuit Set

It’s nice to have some extra material around your hips. This bikini set will give you that. This support top is excellent for larger chests. It comes in many colors so you can choose what suits your needs best.

Sovoyontee 2-Piece High Waist

Even if you have less skin, sometimes less is more. This off-the-shoulder top will make you feel confident in every step. Because you’re that, you’ll feel like a pop star.

Glowbeam Tankini

This tankini is pretty decent. Most tankinis tend to be more concerned with hiding bodies than celebrating them. Glowbean’s cute and twisted tankini has an open back that lets you feel the breeze and draws in some attention. You can adjust the cleavage you wish to show off with adjustable straps.

Glowbeam Twist Front Bikini

The Glowbean bikini is an excellent example of how having options can make a difference. You can adjust the straps to fit your body.

Floerns Swimsuit Set

A bikini that is specifically designed for fat bodies? The suit is available in sizes from 2XL to accommodate big people who don’t need flashy clothes all the time. This suit is elegant and simple, a rare combination in plus-size apparel.

Girlfriend Collective Banana Lap Bikini

Girlfriend Collaborative is a great option to add to this list. The sustainable selection of apparel includes some of the most beautiful yoga clothes ever made while remaining size-inclusive. You can feel great about the way you are helping to clean up the ocean by simply looking good.

Torrid Tie Front Wireless Swim Crop Top

Although I hesitate to mention Torrid, the plus apparel company which has traditionally relied too heavily on clothes that cover our curves instead of embracing them — this cute tie-front crop for those with large chests and extra support at the shoulders is a great choice.

Kisscynest 2-Piece

This suit is for you if you often pull on your bikini bottoms. You can easily lift your tails without showing your stomach by slipping the tie straps of the bikini top into the belt loops of the bases.

Aqua Eve Flounce Off Shoulder Bikini

This flouncy bikini looks great on a sunny afternoon at the beach. You don’t need a shoelace-shaped sunburn, so have sunscreen on your chest.

Cupshe Mesh Swimsuit

Mesh bikini TOPS are an excellent way to keep your breasts in check without sacrificing the chance to show off what a B-cup like I can only dream about. This black suit is hot and understated.


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