Artuyt in Beverly Hills: Wolf & Badger Welcomes Its New Partner

Who would have thought that a mix of fashion and art could be the focus of attention in the Wolf & Badger store in LA? Artuyt is an exquisite fashion label that offers elegant scarfs that reflect style and tradition is launching its new collection at Wolf and Badger store in LA from May 1st, 2023.

Wolf and Badger Store: The Fashion Corner

Although Wolf & Badger has always been a fashionable and fashion-forward destination, when it was added to Artuyt’s line, it changed the fashion landscape in LA. With its status as a B Corp-certified location with more than 2000 international brands, Wolf & Badger created a modern-day global community embodying high-end craftsmanship, sustainability, quality, and exquisite design. The names included in the list of brands Wolf & Badger can be described as ethical, which consumers evaluate as companies that contribute to world advancement through their influence on the fashion world. The metric for Wolf & Badger’s expertise and sustainability, as well as its eloquence and quality, are two awards they have won, including Drapers Sustainable Retailer of the Year and Best Ethical Retailer at Marie Claire’s Sustainability Awards to be held in 2021. The standards Wolf & Badger showcases also affect Artuyt as a company that encompasses all of the above quality indicators.

What distinguishes Wolf & Badger stand out is its dedication to slow fashion, which provides quality and honest content to consumers. This approach helps consumers believe in Wolf & Badger alongside the brands it collaborates with, such as Artuyt. In addition, the designers featured by Wolf & Badger get the constant opportunity to create through direct sales to the designers. Directly returning sales to designers allows them to innovate continuously and will enable customers to access the ever-changing, innovative blend of fashion and art.

Artuyt Collection in Beverly Hills

When describing the merging of fashion and art, Artuyt comes forth with its distinctive display of Armenian art and style for the world. The company uses Armenian artists’ collages and paintings to serve as a basis for creating pieces of clothing such as scarves, pocket squares, and tie-dye; Artuyt lets the world explore Armenian artists and the poetic art Armenia can show the world. With exquisite and top-quality fabrics sourced from Italy that include cashmere wool, and silk, The Artuyt line is now available at Wolf & Badger in Beverly Hills. Wolf & Badger appreciates the approach Artuyt takes to the subject of art and fashion by bringing to light elegant artifacts from the past, such as the abstractionism of the present. Modern, trendy, and all about art, Artuyt is an exclusive label within Wolf & Badger that adds significant value to the fashion-forward worldwide group. Wolf & Badger has been creating for good.

Make Yourself Look Pretty by Covering Yourself in Art

Discover the distinctive and exquisite scarfs from Artuyt located at 8500 Melrose Ave Suite 109, West Hollywood, CA 90069, United States. One of the most glamorous areas of Beverly Hills has more to provide a blend of art and fashion. In Wolf & Badger, you can cover your body with an exquisite piece of art in a style that offers an individual appearance and reflects your lifestyle. With the elegant collection created by the talented and renowned designers that Artuyt collaborates with, you can pick the perfect piece of clothing that reflects your style. It’s not by chance that a B-Corp-certified home for more than 2000 brands was welcome to Artuyt. In the end, Artuyt is the fashion-forward brand with the quality indicators to belong in the global community of people developing a world aligned with art and fashion.

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