What Your Zodiac Sign Says About Your Style

The sun sign you are most dominant influences your style, what you wear, and how you accessorize.

You may need clarification on too many new brand launches (we hope you’re not a Gemini!) We understand if too many brand launches need clarification (hopefully, you’re not a Gemini!)

No worries. You can find out what you enjoy based on your zodiac! You can narrow your options if you want to spend more during the sale season!

Get your style guide by reading on and getting some inspiration. Swipe to the right!

Dressing Like Your Zodiac Sign

Fashion and zodiac signs have a strong connection. This article will show you how to play with colors, details, layers, symbols, and accessories to create a style based on the zodiac sign.


Aries women can be pretty adventurous and are not afraid to take risks. Although you love classic styles, you can still wear funky and comfortable streetwear.

Style Qualities

You love classics and wear them with grace. You love timeless clothing, whether it’s maxi dresses or trench coats. You are not afraid to wear jeans and boots or accessorize with cheap jewelry. You’re the perfect mix of girl next door and classy woman.


  • Challenge seeker
  • Independent
  • Assertive

Favorites: Comfortable clothing, privacy Spending quality time playing and watching sports with family and friends


Your confidence, loyalty, and ambition are contagious. The bull is the perfect symbol for your zodiac. You love simplicity, but you also like bold jackets and accessories.

Style Qualities

Taurus woman, you have a fashion-forward aesthetic sense. You have a wardrobe full of basic tees and jeans in bold colors. Your favorite way to wear scarves is with bold accessories. Pastel colors are your thing. You love pastel shades, whether Tiffany blue, powdery pink, pastel yellow, or brown.


  • Emotional maturity
  • Ambition
  • Loyalty

Likes: good food and occasional alcohol, an active social life, music, stability, and security.


You are a mix of yin-yang, and you can see both sides. You have a creative mind and extraordinary imagination and never get bored. You feel more confident and desired when you are noticed for your stylish outfit.

Style Qualities

It is a pain to wear the same outfit more than once. If you wear the same company twice, you will pair it with something completely different. You like to experiment with other pieces and see what you want.

  • StrengthsSmart and curious
  • Passionate lover
  • I can smell bullshit a mile off

Likes: spontaneity, sarcasm, and exploring new places.


Hello, over-thinker. Do you love to hug people? You are calm, observant, and attentive. You may be zoning out if people find you unusually quiet. Even for casual occasions, dressing up makes you happy.

Style Qualities

A massive hoodie and sneaker collector. You like to wear outfits that are comfortable but also feminine. You are known to be a fan of olive, gray, and white shades. Shades are your go-to accessory. Also, you love watches and striped T-shirts.


  • Affectionate
  • Adaptable
  • Romantic

Likes being alone, cuddling, TV shows, and wine.


Astrology says you’re both sensitive and robust. You’re a buzzing bee who spreads good vibrations. Although you don’t mean to attract attention, your style is a magnet for people. You are a creative individual with a wild personality. This is reflected in your style.

Style Qualities

Guess who loves tank tops! You like to mix up your casual looks. Your favorite outfits include satin tank tops with jean shorts and mini skirts. Watches and sunglasses are your most prized accessories. You can look stylish and hot at the same.


  • Honesty
  • Never back down from a challenge
  • Unmotivated

Likes: Pop-rock music and bacon.


You are not a people pleaser. Your best friend is the music. You are very emotional and empathetic, making you different from others. You work hard to achieve your goals. You love to experiment with silhouette when styling an outfit. Kimonos are also a favorite of yours.

Style Qualities

You feel good when you wear a kimono with sneakers. Most days you choose shorts and tanks because they are comfortable. You also have a wardrobe full of outfits that feature exciting and unique shapes.


  • Realistic
  • Trustworthy
  • Observant

Likes: books, coffee, nature, and napping.


You do what someone says not to do twice, and then take photos! Libra girl, you’re stubborn, crazy, and full of lust for living. You are a talker who loves to be around people. This entertaining personality is reflected in your sense of style.

Style Qualities

You love crop tops and shorts. You like to let your outfit do the talking. You love wearing classic maxi dresses and pretty summer dresses. You want to accessorize with belts, watches, and shades. Boots are also your thing.


  • Good judgment
  • No one will take your crap
  • Street Smart

Likes being in a relationship with someone, having coffee, making spontaneous plans, and going to parties.


Here’s a little Miss Perfect! Look who we have here! Everything you plan is always perfect. Scorpios can’t stand unorganization. You are very easy to love and can never be mad at anyone.

Style Qualities

Scorpios adore formals. You love everything from pencil skirts and collared shirts. You feel more confident and strong. Makeup is another thing that makes you feel alive when you dress. Makeup is a great way to enhance your eyes. You can use eyeshadow, mascara, and kohl. This adds mystery and spice to your look.

  • StrengthsSelf-dependent
  • Unapologetic
  • Humorous

Likes being dominant in many situations, tea, gossip sessions, and sarcasm.


You may seem gullible and funny on the outside, but inside, your emotions are powerful, and you’re pretty sensitive. You can make anyone feel a little dizzy with your mood swings. It isn’t easy to keep up when you go from 0 – 100 in a flash. You have a wardrobe that is primarily made up of items that provide you with warmth and comfort.

Style Qualities

You prefer feminine cardigans and sweatshirts. You like to wear basic polo shirts. Comfort is essential to a Sagittarius. Your outfit should be simple, comfortable, and neat. Sweaters offer you peace and comfort in your clothing.


  • Passionate about feelings
  • Don’t be afraid to be different
  • Goal-driven

Likes: Sitting alone, drinking coffee, watching romantic comedies, reading books, and eating ice cream.


Either you eat or sleep too much. Capricorns look like the human equivalent of pandas, cute and cuddly. You are more in your head than outside. If someone breaks your trust, you tend to close yourself off. Your style of dressing is a perfect example of sophistication and poise.

Style Qualities

You’re a shoe enthusiast. You love shoes and try out new pairs often. You can wear Mules or sneakers, wedges, whatever you like! Floral blouses and V-neck tops are a favorite of Capricorns.


  • Determined
  • Competitive
  • Sophisticated

Likes: Napping, shopping, and solo travel.


You’re the kind of person who always wants to be good to everyone. You are so determined to be independent that you never ask anyone else to help you with your problems. You put your heart and soul into everything you do. You like pastel colors that give off a soft, energetic aura.

Style Qualities

You love blue shades. Why not? You are the water bearer of the zodiac. You wear everything with elegance and femininity, from camisoles to flowing blouses and dresses.


  • Approachable
  • You are always thinking five steps ahead.
  • Emotional maturity

Likes: Music, spontaneous adventure trips, living on your terms, and swimming.


You are not like other people. You can be fierce, but you also have a cute side. You tend to hide your pain and don’t easily trust people. Your social life is fun. You have a wardrobe that reflects your personality and makes you happy.

Style Qualities

You need to pay more attention to the brands you buy. You’ll buy anything that looks good on your body. Tank tops are your favorite. You like to accessorize with caps, shades, and shorts. Your outfits are fun, crazy, and adventurous.

  • StrengthsEnjoy the small things
  • An eye for detail
  • Progressive

Likes originality, baking, and artwork.

Infographic: How To Dress According To Your Zodiac Sign

Dressing according to our zodiac signs can help us express ourselves more uniquely. Fashion choices can reflect the unique traits of each character. Below, We have compiled the zodiac signs, their fashion preferences, and style inspirations. Check it out!

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