What To Wear To A 90s Party 90s Themed Party Outfits

The 90s party styles curated below are easy, relevant, affordable, and straightforward.

Fabulous 90s party dresses are affordable because thrift stores often stock them.

It’s easy because you only need to search for the 90s fashion trends and find the right style.

Costume What To Wear To A 90s Party

All 90s party attire must reflect the style decade of the nineties, but many factors go into choosing the proper 90s party wear.

There are specific styles and clothes for 90s parties for men and women.

There are special 90s party dresses and styles that fit different body types.

The hairstyle and color of your hair can make a massive difference in creating a 90s party with maximum impact.

This article contains 20 affordable and effective party outfits to help recreate your youth decade.

90s Themed Party Outfits

Here are the top five most-loved 90s party dresses for women that you can wear to a nineties-themed event.

Plaid Set

A 90s party outfit for a female 90s-party-goer (thevou.com).

The plaid set is one of the most well-known styles of the 1990s. Cher Horowitz (Alicia Silverstone) created it with her yellow plaid blazer and skirt set from Clueless.

This cult favorite has spawned many trends that define the 1990s, including fur-lined cardigans and slip dresses.

The plaid skirt set is a nod to the past, bringing back memories of Blockbuster trips, beepers, and drinks like Snapple or Fruitopia.

This ‘plaid set” looks impressive on curvy, plus-size women!

Spice Girls 90s Outfit

Spice Girls 90s Outfit for Wear to a 90s Theme Party (thevou.com).

The 90s fashion scene was heavily influenced by grunge and hip-hop artists wearing leather jackets, oversized knit jumpers, and one-leg rolled-up pants.

The most influential band in the 90s fashion trend was the Spice Girls with their Posh and Sporty, Scary, Ginger, and Baby outfits.

The British band brought back platform shoe trends from the 70s fashion to the ’90s.

No matter what outfit you choose, whether it’s the Union Jack mini-dress or the cheetah-print tights, or even a pink slip dress with white socks and knee-high socks, pair them with platform shoes to achieve a maximal 90s look.

Rebellious 90s Schoolgirl Uniform with Plated Hair & Knee Socks

A 90s teenage girl didn’t have many options to express her style, so school was a fashion show for everyone.

Peacock style and appearance were just as important as passing your physics exam and getting your crush to notice you.

This is the most loved 90s party outfit: A black mini-skirt with white sleeves and buttons down, a white shirt with sleeves up and below, and a crop-knotted bra to show off your bra.

Finish the look by adding lots of baby brette to your hair, some black girl’s straps, and white socks.

90s Camouflage Cropped Top and Bottom (with Army Boots).

The camouflage costume is a famous 90s party outfit for girls – Destiny’s Child style.

Tina Knowles, Beyonce’s mother and official costume designer is responsible for the style.

Tina took inspiration from Motown and Grace Jones when creating the Destiny’s Child trademark aesthetic.

Depop is a great place to find a 90s Destiny’s Child party outfit. Search “CAMO” to see lots of costumes that are Destiny’s Child-inspired cargo pants and bodysuits.

For a 90s party look, remember your army boots and, ideally, a helmet!

Short Jeans and Vest as a Top (with a Fanny Pack)

A wide variety of materials were used to make 90s vests. They could be worn alone or paired with jeans and skirts.

You can match a black velour vest with a logo statement bag and light blue denim skirt by choosing a black velvet vest (which is easy to find at thrift shops).

Finish the look with white socks and black converse.

90s Outfits For Men

These are the most popular 90s party attire for men. They are ideal if you want to make an impact at events that celebrate the nineties, such as reunions and celebrations.

Ryon Overalls & Shirts (with One Strap Down).

Overalls were in fashion in the nineties. They were featured in music clips and on stage by supermodels.

However, for a 90s party look, you must match your overalls and a rayon shirt with one strap.

Some shirts were popular in bright colors and floral prints. This look is best paired with a denim or plaid shirt.

You can finish the look with CAT’ Second-Shift Work’ boots or 90s-style basketball shoes.

90s Set of Tennis (with a Thick Hairband)

The 90s thick headband was a popular accessory for hair worn by tennis stars.

Headbands are everywhere, from college – worn with preppy clothing – to movies and music clips.

This 90s party look requires long hair and a Nike or Head 90s tennis shirt.

Finish the look by adding a matching headband and a pair of 90s tennis shoes (FILA, Reebok, or Nike).

Adidas Tracksuit

Thanks to Run DMC’s commercial, My Adidas, this trendy party outfit from the 90s was a huge hit.

Everyone loved the oversized style, from college students to hip-hop stars looking to make a fashion statement.

It would help if you opted for a dark-colored Adidas suit with a contrasting pair of lace-free Adidas Superstars.

Add a large gold chain (or 2!) and a Black Fedora Hat for maximum effect.

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