Walking, running, lying around: SS24 Mens’ footwear trends address every need

Fashion trends for men’s SS24 season were a mix of practical and unpractical, and the footwear took on the shape of contemporary designs or offered uplift to the classics. FashionUnited highlights six of the most popular fashions in footwear this season. They bring people from the rodeo circuit up to rocky mountain ranges.

Check for rain

Designers who favor Wellington boots Wellington shoe as the style preference is probably not giving a forecast of the weather to be expected for the coming summer. But, what is to be appreciated is their new approach to the rainy day shoe. Brands such as Rains offer a modern take on the traditional boot, an over-the-knee design with features to ensure wearers remain dry. Pharrell’s Louis Vuitton version also updated the classic shape with an edgy, closely like Minecraft blocks.

The future is back.

Marty McFly would have had an enjoyable time with the variety of sneakers spotted on the SS24 runways. The classic sneakers were infused with avant-garde hints everywhere, from futuristic fittings to innovative materials. Designers who dared to push the boundaries of these shoes often took the silhouette that the footwear was the basis of and made the edges of the conventional design to create unique designs that offered glimpses of the future. Songzio is one example. It presented its most recent partnership with Reebok at the fashion show, where highly sculpted designs and thick leather define the collection. Reebok also collaborated with Botter to create its concept footwear, which marked an upcoming return for the printed 3D Murex sneaker.

‘Loud luxury’ loafers

In stark contrast to the quiet luxury’ style that has dominated women’s fashion recently, footwear for men seemed more raucous. Even traditional types of shoes like loafers were given a makeover and contributed to what could be described as loud luxury. It doesn’t matter if it was bold choices of color or an exclusive fabric; there was an abundance of intriguing slip-ons. The shoes of Charles Loverboy Jeffery were a mirror image of the appearance of a reptile, with metal teeth that hung from the toes of the boots. Dior, in contrast, displayed the kind of shoes Robert Cavalli would be proud of. This leopard-print material perfectly represented the iconic shoe, linking the shoe with an attractive logo.


Cowboys are an established trend that we could anticipate seeing in SS24. In both the swimwear (see Miami Swim Week) and in the streets (see the attendees of Pitti Uomo as well as fashion week), The look of the rodeo was already dominating the scene with standard accessories like belt buckles and hats. But, the fascination with rodeos and the Wild West also extended into the footwear for the next season. It was evident in styles that offered an exquisitely refined version of the fashion. The embroidery, integral to a traditional cowboy boot, was less prominent and contemporary, adorning elegant ankle boots, some featuring a slight heel.

Let’s go outside!

If you’re among the many who’ve thought of pajamas becoming a norm as everyday pieces of clothing, Then this new fashion is perfect for you. The casualization of style was elevated to a new level with designers who embraced this slipper as a starting point for their shoe lines. Grandad-like designs were well-liked but were also lifted from the home-based design using extravagant materials like velvet and fur.

The boots you are wearing were not intended for walking.

Walking boots were a different staple of footwear that was elevated to new heights in SS24 collections. Some brands deviated from the practicality of the style in favor of more trendy elements, while some chose to mix the look with features typically linked to sneakers. One thing that remained consistent included hook-and-loop fasteners. They were often the only element that prevented the shoes from being tethered to the source material.

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