Two game-changing leather dresses by Spanx have been dropped and are expected to sell out

Let’s have a little fun: You say one word and tell me (or think about) which article of clothing springs to mind. Cozy. You said sweats. Same. Rigid. Rigid. Last but not least, squeaky. Leather is the obvious choice.

Leather is not an accessible material to manipulate. I have to prepare for the time mentally. I will wear it. I won’t be wearing it if the temperature is below the mid-60s. If it gets hotter, I panic because leather and sweat don’t mix well. It’s also a pain in my butt to clean it after wear. You know what it isn’t. Spanx’s newest leather-like dress is now available. These dresses are changing the way we think of leather. Even leather-averse people might feel compelled to try them.

Two faux leather dresses are the latest drop of the brand. We expect them to sell quickly based on past launches where they sold out in hours. Given the current leather weather, it is fair to assume that people will be clamoring to buy them. Not only because they are luxurious-looking but also because of their game-changing DNA. We are listening.

According to Spanx, dresses look just like leather, but they move like regular fabric. These mini dresses will not make you feel squeaky on the streets. Instead, they’ll allow you to move freely with no restrictions. They are machine washable, which is the best thing about them. After wearing the styles, you don’t have to take them to the dry cleaner. Instead, you can wash them in the machine using a gentle cycle. They’ll smell clean.

Two styles of faux leather dresses are offered: A sleeveless sheath gown and a Combination pencil dress. The second style combines faux leather with the brand’s favorite Ponte fabric (the material used to make its Oprah-approved Perfect Pants collection). While the first has all-over faux-leather material. Each dress has an extended zipper that allows you to get in and out of the dress quickly, as well as wide straps and a back slit. These dresses look great worn alone but also work well as layering pieces in colder weather. It can be worn over a turtleneck top, like this one by Spanx. Add tall black boots, and you’ve got the perfect autumn outfit.

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