Resort SS24 collections: denim goes dark and cleans up

While the season of Resort 24 draws close, distinctive design indicators have emerged. Denim continues to climb in popularity as one of the popular fabrics for top designers. With the less predictable, pale washes and ripped-off parts, a new design has been uncovered in dark denim. It was thought to be a part of numerous collections that were clean or embellished versions.

Adeam – designer Hanako Maeda

A fitted three-button jacket with pockets for patching in dark denim was shown, along with the short skirt and a gored hem.

An oversized tank with a square neck and a flared midi skirt featuring an inverted pleat front (shown in the photo above.)

A peplum top that is sleeveless with flared pants to match.

Alexander MacQueen – designer Sarah Burton

A fitted strapless dress with cutouts on the bust and the midi-length gored dress (shown in the photo above.)

Frederick Anderson

A long-sleeve button-less shirt with flap pockets. It also comes with cargo pocket pants that match.

A cowl-necked Zip front midi dress that has bellows pockets in your hips (shown below).

Victoria Beckham

A long-sleeved t-shirt featuring a zipper pocket, matched to straight-legged Jeans (shown in the photo above.)

A flared midi skirt with frayed edges that has a cutout jean waist.

Nicky Zimmermann

Shorts that are structured with jeans-inspired design with front stitching.

A jumpsuit with rolled-up oversized sleeves, gold metal buttons, and pocket detailing(shown in the photo above.)

Ferragamo – designer Maximilian Davis

A unisex classic jacket with matching skinny jeans made of dark denim with orange stitching.

Over-long jeans with a full stretch and orange stitching are displayed with the brown leather coat.

Pucci – designer Camille Miceli

A strapless top and baggy pants with swirl stencils.

MM6 Maison Margiela

A collarless, sleeveless, and sleeveless coat, as well as wide-leg jeans with frayed edges.

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