How To Wear Sheer Tops

Learn how to style these tops to make a statement.

You are in the right place if you’re trying to learn how to wear sheer blouses. They are beautiful and can be worn by women of any age and body type. All you need to do is learn how to use them. You can wear them in many different ways. Let’s not wait any longer. Check out the many ways to wear sheer tops.

What to wear under a sheer top?

Let’s first answer the question that most of us ask: what should we wear underneath a sheer dress or top? This is probably why you’ve avoided wearing sheer tops. The first thing to consider is how thin you are willing to wear. Remember to wear good (read: decent) lingerie underneath. You can choose neutral colors such as black, nudes, or the color you wear on top. Wear a camisole underneath or waist-length underwear if you want it to look like outlines. Other exciting options include bandeau bras or bralettes. Layering undergarments is a good idea but consider the weather. Choose fabrics that are lightweight and breathable. Dress according to your comfort level. Confidence is the key to wearing a sheer shirt. You will carry yourself more confidently if you are comfortable in your clothing.

Quick Tip

Wear a racerback or bodysuit under your sheer top to create a chic appearance.

Sheer Top Outfits Ideas

  1. Kylie Jenner Mesh Top

The Kardashian clan is the best at creating illusions. The youngest Kardashian has been setting fashion standards for quite some years now. Here’s an effortless look that you can copy. Pair it with skinny jeans and a bandeau or strapless bra.

2. Kendall Jenner Sheer Dress

You can only talk about one sister if you mention the other. She is a huge style icon, literally setting the runways ablaze. Take heed of our own Kendall and follow her lead.

3. Floral Long Sleeves Sheer Top

Let’s combine florals and sheers for the love of both. A black bra will make the floral pattern stand out. Pair it with black leggings or black trousers.

4. Long-Slit T-Shirts

Let’s also address the crazy idea of wearing sheer in winter. But tread carefully. Pair a long T-shirt with a side cutout with boots and fleece leggings. You can wear an oversized jacket outside and take it off when you don’t need it.

5. Off-Shoulder Sheer Dress

Off-shoulder style sheer dresses that can be worn as either a bikini or a party dress. You can match your dress’s color or choose a completely different shade. MAJOR WOW!

6. Polka Dots Sheer Blouse

Here’s a way to change your mind if you don’t like sheer and think it’s too outrageous for you. Wear a tank top with this shirt – stylish and provides coverage without removing the vertical aspect. Nothing adds definition to a look like polka dots.

7. Mesh Bodysuit

The bodysuit has taken over clothing lines, and I am not surprised. They fit like a glove. The mesh-style bodysuits look fantastic with leather pants, skinny jeans, or a pencil skirt.

8. White Lace Top and Jeans

I know that most plus-size ladies are afraid to wear something see-through or show more skin than the dress they usually wear. Do not let some outdated notions stop you from wearing this style. Try the lace-covered ones if you want to go only partially sheer.

9. Camo Style Sheer Stop

We are so grateful that someone thought to make it for us.

10. Pink Collar Style Sheer Top

If pink is your favorite color, then go for it. The collar-style tops have a translucent material and are not sheer. If that is more comfortable for you, then look no further.

11. Long Sheer Dress

The runways have been flooded with long sheer dresses. These dresses are chic and effortless. They will instantly elevate your style. Choose a shorter dress with satin lining as the inner to amp up the class.

12. Frosted Sheer Top

The frosted sheer top also dominates this segment. This is an excellent choice for a dinner or lunch date. Finish the look by tucking it into your jeans and adding ankle-length boots with big loops and a body bag.

13. Crop Top Style Sheer Top

We love crop tops so much that every variant would be complete with one.

14. Sheer Top with Blazer

It’s a great idea. You can look more formal with a blazer. It will cover you and give you protection. Wear it with either a pencil or ankle-length trousers.

15. Sheer Top with Suspenders

We will always find an excuse, but we can also look for solutions to the problems. Fashion is changing every day. Wear a sheer shirt with suspenders, and finish the look with white Converse shoes.


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