How To Wear Ankle Boots Jeans

We can all agree that great ankle boots are a wardrobe staple that will not be changing. This boot style is versatile and can be worn in various types, from modern and sleek to rugged and elegant. They also raise the age-old question of what pants to pair them with.

While ankle boots are versatile and can be worn with many different styles, there are some things you should consider when choosing which jeans to match them. Today’s post will save you trouble!

We will be discussing how to choose the right pair of ankle boots, pair them with different styles of jeans, and some bonus tips for making the most out of this timeless style. We will even show you how to wear your ankle boots with jeans in real life!

Ankle Boots Outfit Ideas

how to wear jeans with ankle boots

There are many styles and sizes of boots, but there are three main types: high, medium, and low. You will need to consider your style and preferences when choosing boots.

Tall boots typically reach a few inches higher than your ankle boots and are usually slightly more expansive in the calf. This trendy style adds a modern and contemporary touch to your look.

The most popular style is the one with a medium height. These are the most common style you’ll see when you hear “ankle boot.” They usually sit about an inch above your ankle bone and are generally slightly closer to the calf.

Boots To Wear With Jeans

Even the most experienced fashionistas are often faced with this question. It’s easy to answer.

To create the most flattering look, you need to consider the height and crop of your jeans. Here’s how to pair your ankle boots with the most popular jeans styles.

Skinny Jeans How To Wear Ankle Boots With Jeans

The most fashionable jeans style is also the best to pair with ankle boots! Slim-fitting jeans are ideal for avoiding awkward bunching and unflattering looks. There are still details to consider, such as the height of your shoes.

The classic rolled leg is the first. You can cuff the hem of your jeans to achieve a clean and sleek look. This is also great for adapting your face to fit different boot heights. This style is also very flattering as it draws attention to the small parts of your legs. Roll your jeans only once or twice to keep the cuff from being too bulky and wide on your legs. You should also ensure that the cuff is no wider than 2 to 3 fingers. This is the best choice when you’re wearing ankle boots that are low or medium-height.

A single cuff can give your skinny jeans a chic look. You can also use a single wide collar if your jeans are longer. The type of jeans and length of the inseam will determine the type of cuff.

You can also tuck your jeans in your boots. But be careful. Avoid awkward bunching by making sure your jeans are at the ankle. Also, ensure your boot’s calf width allows your jeans to fit. This method is best suited for taller ankle boots, as you might have guessed.

Raw-hem jeans are a great option to make styling skinny jeans and ankle boots easier. These jeans are often slightly cropped and can be worn over most ankle boots. These boots are in fashion right now and can be found almost everywhere. If you feel a little crafty, you can make your own pair!

Wide Leg Jeans

When styling ankle boots, flare, and wide-leg jeans aren’t the best choices. They are much easier to pair than you might imagine, and booties can look classy when paired with wide-leg jeans.

This style is best suited for medium and high-heeled boots. These boots will complement the sleek look of the class without showing any skin on your ankles when you walk.

Straight Leg Jeans

Straight-leg jeans are becoming more popular in shops and streets. You can pair ankle boots with straight-leg jeans just as easily as skinny jeans. They can be styled even more efficiently, as they don’t need to be rolled or tucked.

This style requires jeans that have the perfect inseam. A full-length pair of ankle jeans will typically fall seamlessly over your boot shaft, but cropped styles will need more attention.

Ankle Boots With Jeans

Here are some ideas for how to wear ankle boots and jeans. This essential style guide shows you how to wear booties with jeans. These styles will work differently for different seasons (e.g., fall vs. winter), but they should inspire you!

Black Boots

All black is a classic and timeless outfit. You don’t have to wear black from head to toe. You can add some color to your bootie. My favorite look is a black sweater or top worn with black jeans paired with tan or printed boots.

Brown boots can be worn with gold jewelry, as I did. You can also pair black boots with printed boots (think leopard or snake skin). You will look fashion-forward with a pop of color in your shoes!

Cropped jeans are great with tall boots.

Single Cuff and Blazer

Casual Friday? Do you work in a place where jeans are acceptable? This is the look for you. With the single cuff on these jeans, your legs will look long and lean. A button-down top and casual blazer keep things professional, while the embellished boots add a little flair.

You can swap the button down to a graphic tee, and you are ready for cocktails after work.

Cardigan and White Tee

Love neutrals? We’ve got you covered. Wear dark jeans with a double cuff, so you can still see your ankles.

It looks great paired with a white tee, a long duster cardigan, and gold jewelry. You are now ready to be the fashion expert everyone turns too!

Black Skinny Jeans & Denim Jacket

Do you run errands and still want to look fabulous? Here you go! This pair of skinny black jeans and wedged boots make my legs look longer. (News flash: I am pretty short! To make sure they don’t bunch up over the shoes, I twice cuffed them.

A white button-down gives it a casual look, while a denim jacket completes the outfit. This will provide you with that fashionista feel.

Wintery Layered look

Layering up is a must if you are wearing ankle booties in winter. A solid neutral base is best – a darker wash of jeans, a more extended black or white top and a grey jacket are great ways to set the tone for your look.

A scarf with a bit of color can give life and style to a muted palette.

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