How To Care For Your Chef Clothing – Chef Uniform Care Guide

It is almost inevitable to get your chef uniform dirty while working as a chef. It doesn’t matter where you work, your chef uniform should always be clean.

This article can help the customers to understand the different fabrics used in chef uniforms and how to care for them. This will allow them to make informed choices when selecting chef jackets, pants, and aprons for their staff. If they already own one of our chef jackets or pants, they can refer to the Care Guide for a quick reminder.

Aussie Chef Clothing Company offers a wide range of chef jackets and chef pants in a variety of fabrics and colors. Each item is also equipped with an Aussie Chef Care Label to assist our customers in caring for them.

Although chef uniforms are made to last, they can be worn with some restrictions.

Factors that could influence Chef Uniform appearance

* The frequency of washing

* Types of liquids and powders for washing.

* Water quality and temperature

* Line or machine dried

* Sunlight or UV exposure

* Stains are a sign of time not being taken care of

* Drycleaning

Care Tips for Chef Uniforms

Select the Best

High-quality work clothes are the first step in creating a professional uniform. Fabrics that are durable and easy to clean in the kitchen are important. Because it can get very hot in the kitchen, you want to choose moisture-wicking and breathable fabrics.

Aussie Chef is proud to design their chef uniforms in the finest fabrics.

Care Label Instructions

It is essential to read. You can find the care label on your chef’s uniform to tell you how to care for it. You will find different washing instructions on chef uniforms for casual clothing. Your chef uniform will look great day after day if you follow the washing instructions.

Removing stains

Food and beverage industries are subject to spills and stains. You should remove any stain from your chef’s uniforms immediately. The longer it sits, the more difficult it will be to get rid of.

Care Instructions

Poly / Cotton


* This dress is perfect for a professional look.

* Poly/cotton thread mixture increases fabric strength

* Ideal for commercial use.

* Looks brand new for longer periods of time – has a greater resistance to color fading

* Machine washable and easy to care for


Poly/Cotton – Wash each garment separately before using. Use a gentle machine or hand wash. Do not rinse. Do not soak, bleach, or wring. Do not spin the fabric. Maybe tumble dried WARM. WARM Iron. Dry Cleanable (A),(40).

100% Cotton Denim


* Comfortable to wear

* Durable & hard wearing

* Breathable, pure cotton denim

* Fabric will become more flexible after repeated washings

* Made to fade with time, just like your favorite jeans

* Machine washable and easy to maintain


100% Cotton Denim – Wash each garment separately before using. Use a gentle machine or hand wash. Do not rinse. Do not soak, bleach, or wring. Do not spin the fabric.

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