Fashion Influencers Share Their Top Tips for a Baby Shower

Chances are that you will attend a baby shower for a friend, family member, or loved one who is currently pregnant. It’s not as difficult as the wedding dress code, which can be confusing or complicated. However, it’s easier to figure out what to wear for a baby shower. You can almost guarantee that an outfit suitable for the event is already in your closet. If not, why not? When looking through your wardrobe for the perfect baby shower outfit, remember that, except as stated on the invitations, you can wear what makes you most comfortable, regardless of whether it is a dress or a pantsuit. You don’t have to follow any guidelines if you aren’t a stickler for them. A quick internet search will give you an idea of the event’s Style (casual or formal, semi-casual, etc.). You can also get an idea of the theme and invites. Still unsure? If unsure, ask the hostess to provide more information when you RSVP.

Wear a suit

Catherine Grace O’Connell is a fashion and lifestyle blogger. She tells Style that she uses a power suit as a backup when unsure what to wear to baby showers. I like having fun with my classic jacket and colorful pant sets or featuring a beautiful print.

Say yes to a silky wrap dress.

Bychkova recommends that all wrap dresses be worn, but she suggests choosing a silky one to enhance your ensemble.

She tells Style that a wrap dress made from silk can look elegant enough for an evening event but not too extravagant for daytime events like a baby shower. The design isn’t too obvious, and it’s easy to move around. The relaxed silhouette is suitable for all body types and allows you to loosen your belt if necessary.

Florals are always fitting.

Kat Jamieson is a fashion influencer. She would like to point out that flowers for baby showers have always been groundbreaking.

She tells us that she likes to wear a floral or linen midi-styled dress and cites Zimmermann and Reformation as her favorites. If it’s fall/winter, you can add a blazer to the shoulders or a cute cashmere cardigan.

Channel Another Era

Regarding fashion, the ’50s and 1960s are great decades to look at. The early aughts, as well as the ’90s, are clearly in Style. The ’70s can also be an excellent choice for baby shower attire. InStyle Bychkova says she would combine wide-leg trousers with a body-hugging top or a tailored vest.

“Wary of having a longer leg?” She says this via email: “Don’t be afraid to have a wider leg.” This outfit will look great on the body if you balance out the exaggerated proportions by wearing a more fitted top. These pants would look great for a baby shower. I would style them with a flat or high-heeled top and some hoop earrings.

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