Best T Shirts Australia

High-quality, affordable, and eco-friendly, the best Australian-made tee shirts for men and women are made from local, organic, and recycled materials.

To promote the circular economy, choose classic tees ethically and sustainably made in Australia. These garments are durable, timeless, and made locally. They support Australian workers as well as the environment.

Many Australian-made clothing brands offer beautiful, affordable, and sustainable tops that can be worn stylishly and responsibly without breaking the bank.

This is our selection of the top ethical and affordable t-shirts available for men and women, all made in Australia to high standards of social and environmental ethics.

Organic Cotton Tees

Vege Threads, an ethical clothing brand, produces beautiful t-shirts in Melbourne, Australia, using organic and sustainable materials. They also use limited quantities of dyes and natural dyes.

The Australian-made fashion label, The Fashion Label, is committed to transparency and an ethical supply chain. It collaborates with local dye houses and knitting mills to create a community dedicated to sustainability and shares the same values.

Vege Threads is still in development and strives for betterment for its customers and the environment. It produces stylish, durable, practical, and affordable garments.

Limb The Label Debbie Tee

Limb the Label is an ethically conscious clothing company that believes in sustainably. It designs and produces modern, affordable t-shirts in Melbourne, Australia, using timeless, classic silhouettes.

Sinead Hargreaves, a clothing designer, and Andria Kiffer, a fashion designer, founded the Australian-made fashion label.

Limb the Label believes clothes should be made with care and quality. It supports local talent and local industries. It is committed to minimizing waste and reducing environmental impact.

 Lois Hazel Cena T-Shirt

Lois Hazel, an Australian-made ethical clothing brand for women, is available. It produces affordable, sustainable shirts and tees made in Australia using 100% transparency and responsible production methods.

Lois Hazel is a sustainable brand of fashion that strives to be better. It uses recycled plastics and organic cotton that are GOTS-certified, as well as deadstock fabrics.

Lois Hazel believes that fashion’s future should be transparent and sustainable. It should have a positive effect on the community and environment. Lois Hazel believes in ethical and sustainable business practices.

Bassike Slim-Fit Classic T-Shirt

Bassike, an Australian-made clothing brand that makes affordable and sustainable clothing, is booming. It works with Australian makers and guarantees fair wages and respectful treatment.

Bassike produces high-quality, simple, and clean t-shirts. They are committed to ethical and local production. Mary Lou Ryan and Deborah Sams founded Bassike in 2006. They now offer certified organic wardrobe staples.

This clothing brand is Australian-made and produces natural fibers that are more sustainable for the environment and biodegrade faster. It uses green energy and has a very short supply chain to reduce its carbon footprint.

 DK active Lane T-Shirt

DK Active is an Australian-made clothing company that aims to be a leader in environmentally responsible design. It is powered by solar energy and is passionate about ethical business practices.

DK Active aims to minimize its environmental impact and meets all Australian standards in ethical clothing manufacturing. Since 2017, the clothing brand has ensured inclusivity and diversity within the industry.

Active uses sustainable fabrics like organic cotton, regenerated polyester, bamboo viscose, and modal made of renewable materials. The t-shirts are PETA-approved vegan and proudly made in Australia.      

Jillian Boustred Lulu Ribbed TOP

Jillian Boustred, a fashion and textile designer, is the creator of an affordable and high-quality cotton tee shirt brand in Australia.

This Australian-made fashion label makes versatile, long-lasting knitwear from beautiful, breathable, and organic fabrics. All its clothes are made in Australia with ethical, sustainable, and transparent production lines.

Jillian Boustred is constantly looking for ways to improve and grow. It uses a majority of natural fibers, including GOTS-certified cotton and linen.

A.BCH Classic Cotton Tee

A.BCH, an Australian-made ethical clothing company, is based in Melbourne. It produces affordable, sustainable, organic, and evergreen t-shirts and shirts made in Australia with a focus on transparency.

A.BCH is a fashion label that creates lifestyle pieces. It aims to change how people shop, wear and dispose of clothing. It aims to create affordable, modern tops in a closed-loop fashion.

A.BCH’s clothing is made in Melbourne by a family-owned producer from renewable, natural, and recycled materials. This includes GOTS-certified organic cotton and linen.

Tasi Travels

Tasi Travels, an Australian slow fashion label for conscious travelers, is made in Australia. It makes shirts and tees that women can wear every day.

Tasi Travels believes that you can travel with less traditional styles. It creates and produces affordable, sustainable clothing for small adventures and journeys around the globe.

Tasi Travels creates clothes that will last for many years and are made in small quantities. It uses only eco-friendly, sustainable fibers and ethical manufacturing methods.

Tasi Travels designs its collections and manufactures them in Queensland, Australia. It is committed to protecting the natural environment and donates 1% of its sales to 1% Planet. One tree is planted for every item.

E Nolan Recycled Cotton Shirt

E Nolan, a Melbourne fashion label, offers tailored garments made with organic and recycled fabrics. It produces timeless, high-quality t-shirts in timeless cuts and ageless designs.

The womenswear Label is challenging traditional tailoring by focusing on lightweight pieces that can be worn with ease and versatility.

E Nolan creates durable suits using custom fabrics. There are over 600 available clothes in various colors and natural fibers.

FME Apparel Duet Swivel

FME Apparel, a Melbourne-based ethical clothing brand, celebrates creativity and community through photography and clothes design.

Maddy Maeve, a designer, 2012 founded FME Apparel. It offers beautiful alternatives to high-street clothing. FME Apparel makes tops that are ethically and economically affordable, with an emphasis on organic and high-quality fabrics.

FME Apparel makes all of its garments in Melbourne by hand in small batches. You can find effortless skivvies and wraps, jumpers, tanks, blouses, and other clothes at FME Apparel.

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