Unfortunately, the weather won’t allow you to show off your toned legs whenever you work out. The weather will continually change. Clouds appear the winds blow, and the rain falls. In these weather-related struggles, a pair of men’s exercise pants will keep you going when the weather turns against you.

Exercise is not just about the name. It is an extensive field. In the winter, when the weather is icy and you cannot venture outside due to your body’s signals, men’s workout trousers can be a great choice. You need to add an extra layer of style and flair.

Running pants are designed to be waterproof and windproof. Some adopt the traditional “Jogger,” in which heavyweight Terry cloth cotton helps to stave off cold and wind. These are great for less intensive training regimens like warm-ups, warm-downs, or dog walks. They also help you get back into working out after an accident because they easily slip on and off.

The resting phase is as crucial as the exercise phase. Many men’s fitness pants can also be worn on the couch. These pants look dapper if you can muster the energy to leave the couch and go out.

The ever-growing streetwear industry has led to a resurgence of men’s workout pants. Consider Aime Leon Dore x New Balance’s 2020 campaign, “Runners Aren’t Normal,” for how men’s exercise pants are worn with long coats, beanies, and clean sneakers to form a desired high-low aesthetic. This age-diverse group shows that this stylish/cozy event is open to all.

We’ve scoured hundreds of JPEGs and searched the web for the eleven best workout pants below. Grab your trainers and a cup of ambition, then get out there.

Our Top PicksBest Overall:

Cotton-Jersey Fleece Joggers – EA7 at ArmaniBest Budget Pick:

Yoga Dri-Fit at NikeBest Modern-Vintage:

Axel Arigato Trademark sweatpants are available at Farfetch. Best Work-to-Gym Combo:

Vigo Tapered Pants ClosedBest Tight Leg

Lululemon’s Running Pants Best:

Track pants at On RunningBest:

New Balance Unisex French TerryBest for Coziness

Cashmere Joggers from COSBest Vintage Aesthetic

AdiColor Classics Three Stripes Pants from YooxBest:

Sunspel Dri-Release

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Best Overall: EA7 Cotton-Jersey Fleece Joggers

Armani is not a brand you would naturally associate with sweating. However, the expertise of their elegant tailoring and fabrics makes them an excellent choice. This chic, pared-down Italian fleece design brings sophistication to your workout wear.

Style notes include a small white EA7 Logo below the left-hand pocket. The navy color makes it easy for you to style. You can wear these joggers to the coffee shop or meet someone. These are as good as it comes to men’s exercise pants.

The wide elastic waistband makes these joggers the perfect partners in crime to chill out and watch a crime-busting-police-duo bust open some case.


These Nike yoga pants will help you to improve your practice, whether you have never crossed-legged or walked down the stairs while in chakrasana. Yoga pants may conjure images of baggy, harem pants. These pants are slimmer and more modern. They still retain all the comfort and flexibility necessary to be an expert pair of yoga trousers.

Yoga can be a sweaty experience. Real sweaty. The sweat-wicking qualities will keep you dry, comfortable, and focused on your task. The fabric is made from at least 75% recycled polyester, so you’re getting closer to nature. Style-wise, please keep them in the yoga studio. Harry Styles still needs to be able to make them a stylish everyday item.


Axel Arigato’s sweatpants blend vintage style, class, and simplicity with delectable ease. These men’s pants are made from organic cotton, which provides a comfortable and ergonomic fit when worn and helps reduce the environmental impact of agriculture.

This design blends classic simplicity with a straight leg, a simple elasticated ankle, and a spacious construction. You could go for a run, but they are almost too cool. Style them with panache. Here we suggest a slouchy jacket, chunky sneakers, and a loose T-shirt.

Best Work-to-Gym Combo: Closed Vigo Tapered Pants

Imagine you are working from home. Imagine you want to go for a run or play tennis after the pandemic. You can run out without changing into these pants, even sitting in your office chair.

These are sophisticated workout pants for men. They are made from lightweight, technical Italian cotton that is breathable and ready for workouts. However, they can also be worn as office pants. The tailored pleating, the straight fit, and the ankle cuffs work harmoniously. Roll up the bottom cuffs to make them even more stylish.


The officer asked with a serious expression, “Do you have a training license?”

These Lululemon workout pants for men are a great way to avoid being stopped in person by gym police (unless you train too hard or are a freeloader). “Of course, I’m a licensed trainer.”

Thanks to their Luxtreme Fabric construction, the tight-fitting pants with added Lycra are super stretchy and sweat-wicking. They also produce minimal friction and compress your muscles for maximum effort. These pants also look dapper.

They are perfect for exercises that require unhindered leg movements, such as yoga, sprinting, and general HIIT gym workouts. The silicone grippers ensure that the pants do not slip and have pockets to store your Advanced Training License.

Best Running Pants: On-Track Pants

On Running is a running brand with a reputation for producing high-quality, fashionable workout pants. The ankle cuffs are also a great feature.

First, the zipper runs from the ankle to the knee. This allows you to remove and put on the trousers quickly. It’s great for warming up and cooling down. In the back pocket is a nylon loop that can attach your key. This beautiful feature will prevent you from being locked out of your home or carrying around your key rings like a jailer on off-duty.

Although they were designed with runners in mind, the lightweight, adjustable, and waterproof features make them suitable for various sports.

The New Balance Unisex French Terry is the Best for Your Whole Household

This soft French Terry cotton allows for two different experiences. First, you can pair it with a relaxed day at home, including intermittent bathing, Netflix, and unrestrained food. Your skin will sing with joy.

Second, get moving. The fabric density is perfect for cold-climate activities, lighter workouts, and warm-ups. This versatility makes the New Balance men’s workout pants essential for a minimalist wardrobe.


Cashmere is a luxurious material that can create a unique look for your men’s exercise pants. Cashmere Wool comes from Cashmere sheep. It is soft, insulating, and unimaginably soft.

In recent years, wool has become more prevalent in men’s exercise gear and pants. It is lightweight, breathable, and sweat-wicking. Wool is also antimicrobial and insulating. These joggers by COS are made from recycled cashmere, which makes them even better.

The gorgeous dark gray color does the styling for you. We don’t need to mention how comfortable these cashmere jogging pants will be when you want to relax.


The old-school Adidas pants look great on the trail or in bed doing nothing on a lazy Sunday morning.

The pants are made from a warm, insulating fleece that will protect your body as you go about the day. It is also recycled, an excellent way to reuse and reuse useless plastics.

The pants look great with a cap, a long winter jacket, and a pair of sleek white sneakers. They create a casual yet cultured urban look.


Sunspel’s menswear basics are known for their pristine quality. When they launched their Activewear collection, the timeless design and high-quality fabric were expected to be used. These joggers are made with a Dri-release fabric designed to wick away moisture. This will make your workout more comfortable and breathable.

We love that the minimalist design allows you to dress for the gym without having it evident to everyone else. This is Activewear at its finest.


Type of Workout

These pants are perfect for both working out and lounging. For yoga, it’s essential to have pants that offer maximum movement. This means the taper should be tight around the ankle, and the hips should move freely for those long, blissful stretches.

Running bottoms can be made of cotton and are comfortable, but you may prefer a technical, windproof, waterproof option more suited to trail running. The tightness and compression of the pants can be a crucial feature.


Fabrics are constantly improving. It would be best if you looked for properties like sweat-wicking and anti-bacterial. Also, windproofing and waterproofing are essential. Some brands use recycled polyesters or organically grown materials.

It all depends on what you value and which fabric suits your pants. We’ve seen that traditional workout materials have also found their way into stylish casual and office wear aesthetics, thanks to the increase in technical fabrics. Men’s workout trousers have become a versatile, multi-purpose wardrobe piece.


Fit also affects use. Try a slimmer fit for a more general application. It will be comfortable to wear, versatile enough to style, and close enough to the body to work out in.

Men’s workout pants incorporate traditional tailoring elements, like pleating. This gives them a more intelligent, shaped fit while maintaining their workout credentials. A tight fit is ideal for maximum flexibility, mobility, and application in the sporting world. Baggier fits are perfect with a cup of coffee while on the couch.


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