Guys, is this whole walking 10 000 steps daily a healthy thing? It’s just a myth. Why do you find it so neat? Why does it seem similar to Dr. Anders Ericsson’s misunderstood theory of 10,000 hours of practice and mastery? To avoid being all conspiratorial, we have to add that it’s not a lie that walking is beneficial for your mental and physical health.

Walking is one of Homo sapiens’ foundational skills. However, if you have an unnatural gait, it can put pressure on your joints. Supportive footwear is necessary to keep your body comfortable and stress-free, even if you are getting fitter. You’ll walk easily if you choose shoes with cushioned midsoles and supportive outsoles. They should also feature good traction and breathable uppers.

The humble walking boot is an essential part of every man’s wardrobe. These shoes recharge both your physical and emotional batteries. You need to find the right sneaker from among the thousands available online. We’ve taken the time to identify the best pairs for your needs so you don’t have to slog through the vast ecommerce nebulae of the internet.

Best overall walking shoes: ADIDAS UltraBOost 22

Rarely do you find a shoe capable of doing almost anything. We’ll remember the idea that it will accompany you to a Michelin Star meal. Check out the toggle system instead. It’s one of the best-looking men’s walking sneakers around.

The Boost Technology nestled beneath your feet is created by superheating thermoplastics to create air pockets. The material is cloud-like in appearance and texture. These are technically running sneakers. Have you ever spent a day in your running shoes walking around? This softens your joints from hard surfaces and is an absolute pleasure. It is a must-try.

Continental Wintergrip and GORE-TEX are both great at absorbing lousy weather. In warm weather, when sweating is inevitable, GORE-TEX will keep your feet happy.


It doesn’t cost the Earth to look like a million bucks. This shoe has a carbon footprint of about half the average runner’s. You can thank the carbon-offsetting, organic cotton, Corn Spring(r), natural rubber, and algae bloom insole for this. Bonus: When the shoe is worn out, you can recycle it at Hylo Athletics.

The corn fiber upper is porous to varying degrees. The dense weave creates large areas of breathable fabric, as well as the appearance of panels. The muted colors and minimalist design make them the perfect casual sportswear for a chic look. These will look amazing with selvage denim jeans and a polo knit. I was saying.


Try these Loci trainers if you want to get people talking. Because they are so lively, they embrace the more performance-oriented La Passeggiata element of walking. A particular nanotechnology coat ensures that rain will not be a problem.

The navy, beige and red colors are our favorites. It’s not only stylish but 10% of profits are donated to Blue Marine Foundation — a charity that focuses on overfishing. These shoes are a great way to support a cleaner economy. They’re vegan. The insoles are made of natural cork, and the lining is bamboo. They are made from recycled materials. They’re also vertically integrated, which means they only make as many trainers that they need.

The Loci trainers look good and are good-natured.


Be aware of the simplicity of these Oliver Cabell shoes. This is their appeal. The upper is made from recycled plastic bottles that are 3D-printed into a mesh material to provide a porous, breezy fabric for cooling the feet. The footbed has an injection-molded EVA outsole that provides a tremendous impact-soaking feeling. The antibacterial lining helps to prevent the common but embarrassing smelly feet. You can also machine wash these shoes to win the battle on two fronts.

The extra-long hexagonal tongue is what makes this shoe unique. This gives a plain shoe more street style and attitude. Cabell’s USP is that it offers quality sneakers for a reasonable price. This reduces the massive markups other brands add. Profit from this honest and authentic pricing system. These are worth every penny.


These slip-on shoes from Uniform Standard are all about ease. The additional comfort of premium Italian leather inlining makes these slip-on shoes by Uniform Standard so easy. The shoes also help conserve the Earth’s finite resources (okay, that’s a little stretched). The molded footbed is made from recycled material, as are the rubber outsole and insole.

There’s also the ease with which the minimalistic aesthetic can be achieved. The Italian suede is soft to the touch and easy to style, thanks, partly because of the LWG Gold standard tanning and the high-quality stitching—style with neutral and lightweight accessories. Try loosely-fitting linen pants with a tee and a loosely-fitting job jacket. You may find yourself floating through your neighborhood with a sports watch on your wrist and espresso in your hand, greeting passersby softly.


Cloud… 5. Cloud… 5. Okay, it’s not entirely “cloud 9, but the comfort of these trainers is close to heaven. This walking shoe has a robust geometric design, porous mesh, and weather-proof seals. The comfortable shoes have been rearranged to improve fit and comfort. This is a shoe that’s designed to be worn every day.

CloudTec’s unique midsole/outsole combination offers maximum cushioning and disperses pressure over a large surface area. It won’t let you levitate, but it provides a lightweight platform high in shock absorption. You can’t float but get a sleek and modern geometric wave pattern on the side. They’re designed for warm weather and will be cold in winter.


This is the most robust shoe for wet weather. Contagrip rubber treads provide a stable footing on mud or pavement. Gore-Tex is hidden under the recycled textile upper to ensure you stay dry.

What the heck GORE-TEX is it?

It is a film of expanded polytetrafluoroethylene membrane (ePTFE) specially designed to be windproof, waterproof, and breathable. This is because the pores of this membrane are 20,000 times smaller than a droplet of water but 700 times larger than water vapor. Water droplets cannot pass through the pores, only steam. Genius.

The Energy Surge technology, a plush EVA/Olefin (OBC), gives it outdoor capabilities. The midsole technology returns energy to the foot with every step. It will also provide the same service for a casual walk around the block. It is ready for anything.

Best Walking Shoes for Flat Feet: Nike React Infinite Run Flyknit 3

A foot condition causes it called flat feet ( Pes Planus or Pes Valgus). This causes a lot of pain when walking or running for long periods. Overpronation occurs when the ankle rolls inwards. This causes overstretched tendons on the foot and excessive strain on joints.

To alleviate the symptoms, an insole with a higher arch will help add height to the center of the foot. This will encourage natural realignment. Stability and extra cushioning in the footwear are essential.

ZoomX is a shoe with a voluminous foam cushioning that absorbs the vibrations from movement. This shoe is one of the most accommodating platforms because of its exaggerated forefoot and curved heel-to-toe transition. These shoes are perfect for people with flat feet. They will give you confidence, stability, and pain-free walking.


It’s sometimes difficult to exercise as a bigger man. Even simple strolling can be more difficult with the extra weight. If you are looking for walking shoes with a stable and comfortable midsole, then you should look at a high-quality shoe. The Vent Aero shoe from Columbia has a TechLite midsole with an Omni-grip outsole. It provides the necessary support and grip for long hours of walking. Once again, walking will be effortless.

The tendency to sweat is another element that’s often overlooked when walking as you get bigger. These shoes are perfect for this. The mesh upper has been designed to release heat, and the cutouts on the midsole provide additional ventilation for a comfortable, relaxed, and stable experience.

Best Walking Shoes for Wide Feet: Made in USA 990V5 Core/New Balance

The MADE IN USA 990v5 core shoes are regarded as the best walking shoes for men with wide feet of their class. The shoes come with an Ortholite insole that is highly supportive. The combination of suede and mesh paneling creates a durable, strong, and breathable upper. The shoes have six (yes, 6) options in forefoot widths. There are two options: XX-wide or X-Narrow. These are the most inclusive of all trainers.

It’s the fact that it is not only a shoe that can be worn for a run or jog but also has a panache to withstand the scorn from fashion editors. This is a timeless and stylish shoe. Take a cue from Aime Leon Dore’s x New Balance campaign, and wear a clean cotton tracksuit with an oversized checked overcoat and beanie hat on your walk.

What to look for in the best walking shoes for men


Take into account your use. GORE-TEX is a membrane that is both waterproof and breathable. The more tread you have, the less comfortable it is on pavements and other surfaces. They are more suited to dirt.

Consider if the material breathes or not when it is warm. Porous mesh is ideal for warmer temperatures, allowing water vapor to escape. Leather and suede are less breathable but more durable. Is the midsole cushioned enough for your intended use? If you only go to the shop briefly, is it worth spending extra on high-tech cushioning?


Fit is essential from the start. Some brands will tell you if the shoes run smaller or bigger than your standard size. Some brands offer different options for the best men’s walking shoes. You can make an educated guess if you need help determining where your foot (literally speaking) fits into the information. Spend some time to get the perfect fit. It’s important. There is a good reason for the return system.


Style is the most fun. When buying the best walking shoe for men (or at least the best for you), many people purchase bright yellow or green shoes out of safety concerns. Do your outfit a favor and tone down bright colors if a shoe features reflective strips. The most stylish colors are muted ones. If you choose a wild color, balance it with something subtle. Balance is vital for both styling and movement.


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