Types Of Lingerie – How To Choose Lingerie For Your Body Type

We will explain the differences between lingerie and the other types. We will be discussing the various types of lingerie that are available in this article. This will allow you to find the one you love quickly. Don’t be afraid to let go. Take a look at the paper and scroll down. Let’s go!

What does lingerie mean?

Lingerie is not your primary, but it is a treat every girl should have. It’s incredible how much a small piece of clothing can accomplish, especially when it isn’t even seen by your partner. It makes you happy and confident and makes you feel good.

The popularity of delicate fabrics like lace, rayon, chiffon, and ruffles began to rise in the 19th century. Initial lingerie was a status symbol. At first, lingerie was a status symbol. Later, women began to spend more on it for special occasions like weddings. It is now a must-have item and an investment that doesn’t need any reason.

Lingerie For Hourglass Body Type

Wear lingerie that enhances your already attractive figure if you are a “36-24-36” type. This body can wear anything with shoulders and hips the same width as your waistline. Garter belts and teddies are excellent choices for this body. A thong and a bra can be worn with a thong or high-leg panty.

Lingerie For Triangle Body Type

The triangle body type, known for its big hips, is all the rage. A triangle body will have your hips more comprehensive than your shoulders. Your body should look balanced and proportioned. An excellent option is a lacy nightgown, which is loose at the breasts and flows down to the hips, is lacy. You can also draw attention to your breasts with a bustier. A matching set can be made with ruffled bras and panties or a bra with a bandeau that lifts your hips and shoulders.

Lingerie For Rectangle Body Type

A rectangular body is best for someone with a flat, athletic figure. Corsets can be a good choice for this. Corsets add curves and make you look more sensuous. A garter belt or a teddy is excellent for someone with a long torso. Push-up bras or bustier lingerie can be used to highlight your breasts.

Lingerie For Inverted Triangle Body Type

Broad shoulders define this body type. Your style will dictate what you show. Halter necks are the best choice. A teddy can distract from a flat bum if you have one. Another option is a bralette that has a matching lace panty or thong. Matching cami sets may be an option if you prefer a more casual look.

Lingerie For Round Body Type

A round body is one with a wide waist and a wider upper body than your hips. It would help if you had lingerie to make your body appear proportionate. Choosing a nightgown that covers large portions of your waist and defines your bust is a good idea. This type of body is also well-suited for a teddy. A pair of chemises and satin lingerie gowns are a good choice for beginners. They are both sexy but also provide coverage.

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