Pop Culture Witch that Matches Your Zodiac Sign’s Fashion Aesthetic

Their wardrobe is a critical element in defining the characteristics of any witch. An individual’s aesthetic can reveal a lot about a sorceress’s nature. Glinda, the Good Witch of The Wizard of Oz, appears in a pink cloud of Taffeta and offers her unconditional love. Angelique, a witchy vixen from Dark Shadows, wears a red sequin dress to seduce her lover.

It turns out that the outfits of famous pop culture witches are ideally suited to each sign’s personality traits. Understanding which witchy vibe is best for you, according to the stars, will help you not only on Halloween but throughout the year.

Angelique’s spirited and stylish mix of clothes will inspire Aries to update their wardrobe. Aries and Angelique are both fiery-colored, passionate, hot-tempered, and fierce. This will ignite their desire for brightly-colored clothing that exudes power and sensuality. They love the thrill of the chase, and their wardrobes reflect the desire to conquer, win, and bend others’ will.

Tauruses love high fashion and are known for their indulgent lifestyle. Because no one works harder than them to buy Christian Louboutins. Like Myrtle Snow and Tauruses, they don’t hesitate to tell everyone that Balenciaga has been their favorite designer. Their most valuable asset is their sense of style, which they take straight from the runway.

Geminis are more comfortable than stylish, but they can be very aware of the latest trends on the Internet. They’ll choose a versatile denim jacket with a shorter skirt that can be worn year-round, just like Louise Miller. They’ll also have sneakers if they need to attend another appointment.

The movie stars Whitney Houston and offers a fashionable view of fairy godmothers. They were often depicted as frumpy in the past. But Whitney Houston brought her star power, which includes her fairy wardrobe. The ball gown of the fairy godmother isn’t as puffy as the fairy godmothers of old, but it emits a beautiful luminescence that can empower moonchildren. It’s practical and fashionable, exactly what Cancers love to wear.

Mrs. Who wears luxurious fabrics with a lot of texture and is dressed like a queen. The style of Mrs. Who is suited for Leo, which is the most royal sign. Her large spectacles (AKA glasses) are a must-have accessory for Leo. They tend to gravitate to accessories and dramatic frills that elevate their outfits.

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