How to make your Wardrobe more witchy and embrace Glam Goth

You’ve probably seen some videos about glam goth if you work on the beauty or fashion side of TikTok. Glam goth isn’t new, but it’s still prevalent, especially during Halloween.

As a witch goth, fashion has been integral to my look for years. Since childhood, I have worn moody black outfits every day after falling in love with Elvira and her rad vibe. This is my advice if you are interested in embracing this trend. Here are a few ways you can bring a bit of glamour to your Wardrobe.

Be wise with your choice of colors

While black might seem evident for glam goth dressing, the truth is that there are many colors you can use. Many witches use color magic. This means they dress in specific shades to achieve their goals. However, darker colors protect against psychic vampires and negative energy.

Glam is important

Makeup is an excellent asset to the glamour part of this aesthetic. Because it’s part of Glamour Magic (a form of divination that allows witches to express their desires), witches love to use perfume and makeup. Pink lipstick can make you feel confident, and red lipstick can help you find love. To embrace your witchy self, you must be glamorous with beauty products and makeup.

Let’s get all the details

Stevie Nicks is well-known for her witchy style. Take a cue from the singer and choose the right scarf or shawl over your long-flowing dress. A solid color or floral print is exemplary. However, black lace can be very witchy. A breezy, bohemian-chic dress in a dark shade, possibly with bell sleeves, is another way to add glam to your outfit. Even a vintage mini-dress can work if you have the right attitude. These pieces should have a long story behind them.

Rock ‘n Roll

Even non-witches love wearing concert tees that have ripped jeans and safety pins. If you want a low-key, witchy look, go for your favorite heavy metal band shirt. To make this outfit even more glam, add faux leather trousers.

Could you give it a magical touch

Add some mystical bling to your look. You can also try crystal bracelets, rings, or necklaces. The energy of these items will help you feel strong. Wearing jewelry that aligns with your zodiac sign, or has a spiritual meaning, is also possible. Whatever you choose to wear, the jewelry should be meaningful to you. With the right intentions and mindfulness, you can create whatever you want. You will feel more comfortable in your new magical, glam-goth outfit if you embrace your spiritual side.

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