Ethical Clothing Brands Australia

I don’t know about you, but Australia has some of the most prestigious fashion brands, especially designers who prioritize people and the environment with their designs.

Fashion is no longer just linen shift dresses and essential in different shades of beige. Ethical fashion has changed.

While there is no 100% ethical or sustainable fashion, these companies are doing great work with transparent supply chains, using eco-friendly fabrics, and creating lower-impact styles.


Lois Hazel, a Melbourne slow fashion favorite, leads the way in an ethically manufactured and timeless fashion. Every collection is made using traceable and deadstock fabrics. Each piece is made locally by local seamstresses or by a network. All parts are 100% traceable.

THE LABELThe Gold Coast’s ethical fashion label, Z., is about timeless, functional, and wearable styles. Z. pieces are made with natural fibers from Australia, giving new life to old fabrics. All pieces in the collection are suitable for breastfeeding, so rejoice, new moms!


Social Outfit is a fashion label that makes a difference. They’re an independently-accredited, ethical trading social enterprise providing employment and training in the fashion industry to people from refugee and new migrant communities. They produce beautiful clothes, with over 300 people participating in their sewing school, digital printing projects, creative programs, and fashion events. This is the one for you, print lovers.


This dreamy label embodies effortless romantic dressing and is a must-have for anyone looking to add a timeless piece of clothing to their wardrobe. They only use natural fabrics and have limited production runs to minimize waste. Their focus is on high-quality, long-lasting components. Unik Space stocks a limited number of jewelry and fashion brands, in addition to the Unik brand.


This Byron Bay-inspired vintage brand has easy-to-wear pieces to take to the beach or the bar. There are cute styles for teens and little ones. Auguste believes in transparency and works to share their supply chain, use eco-friendly fabrics and reduce their carbon footprint. They also share their journeys as they go.


Sarah Hardie, a designer of Fabrik, had a list of priorities she wanted to follow when she launched it. Ethical, sustainable, and slow. Clothing made with intention and built to last. The Brisbane label makes high-quality basics, beautiful sundresses, cotton blouses, and everyday staples from all-natural fabrics. These are the pieces that you will reach for year after year.


Ngali is a celebration and celebration of country, culture, and creativity. The fashion and homewares brands partner with Indigenous Australian artists to create unique prints connecting the wearer to beautiful places. Ngali means “we” or “us” in various Aboriginal languages. Through our brand, we are creating what we want to see: a harmonious, sustainable, and equitable union between people and the planet.


Kuwaii, a Melbourne fashion label, is made in Australia. They believe in making clothes that will last forever. Kuwaii’s simple silhouettes look great on every body type and come in sizes up to 16.


The Melbourne-based slow fashion designer creates trans-seasonal pieces using limited quantities of sustainable deadstock fabrics. Gorgeous prints, flowing sleeves, and luxe fabrics are what you can expect. These pieces will make people stop and ask where you got them. Each piece is handmade in Melbourne by the artist or in an Ethical Clothing Australian factory.


The Byron Bay label has a cult following that includes bohemians and fashion-loving style gurus. They are well-known for their vibrant, intricately designed collections but are also industry leaders in ethical, sustainable fashion.


Tasi Travels fashion staples are made for adventurers. Every piece is handcrafted on the Sunshine Coast using durable, quick-drying, wrinkle-resistant Tencel. The Tasi philosophy is all about minimalism. Less is more.


Country Road, an Australian clothing brand based in Melbourne, does not promote ethical or sustainable fashion. However, Good On You rates them as Good. They have laid out practices for ethical trading, sustainable farming, sourcing raw materials, energy efficiency, and reducing waste.


Maara, a luxury resort wear brand that combines Indigenous Australian culture and modern design, has been awarded. Julie, a Yuwaalaraay woman founder, founded Maara to support and elevate the talents of Indigenous weavers, artists, and textile designers.


Australian Cue is a timeless fashion label that has been around since 1968. They have evolved, offering modern, fashion-forward pieces in luxurious fabrics but keeping clothes timeless and wearable. Cue, the most prominent Australian fashion manufacturer, has been accredited by Ethical Clothing Australia. Double win!


Theo is a Melbourne fashion label that makes quality wardrobe staples and basics you can wear for years. Theo uses all-natural fabrics. Esther, the founder of Theo, visits the small Bali family factory where they make their pieces.


KITX, an Australian label, is a leader in ethical, design-led, and sustainably produced fashion. Kit Willow’s designer says, “I strongly believe that a better world is possible through the simple mantra of making women feel beautiful and not causing harm to the planet. So everyone can win.”


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