Black Tie Dress Code Australia

Two words stand out in your invitation: Black Tie. What does black tie for men mean?

Black tie events require mastery of fashion. Even for the most stylish of dressers, this can prove daunting. Why? We don’t all have to be James Bond, and we don’t go to a ball, wedding, or secret mission every day. We are just doing our thing in a suit and tie.

Black Tie Event Dress Code

Black tie is a formal code that refers to formal events after seven o’clock in the evening. It is likely to be the most formal code you will ever have to follow if you are a royal family member or off to galas every two weeks.

A black tie for men is not difficult to achieve. However, like the classic suit and tie, the key to success is in the details. A perfectly polished shoe, a perfect fit, and well-crafted pieces are all essential. The black link for men has not changed much over the years. It is essentially the same except for the red-carpet high-fashion moments that are bold and ballsy.

A black tie is a formal dress for men, including a dinner jacket, trousers, a formal white shirt, and formal black shoes.

Where Did Black Ties Come From?

The tuxedo was created in London in the 1860s when Prince Edward VII adopted a shorter jacket version of the long tailcoat (the traditional suit and tie) that was often worn at the time.

Henry Poole, a Savile Row tailor, created it. He made a more formal jacket than a lounge suit, but with all the trimmings and a tailcoat. It was also known as a tuxedo. It was quickly adopted by the British upper classes and became a popular trend in the United States.

How To Make A Black Tie Dress Code For Men

Although you may not be a Prince, you can dress up like one. If you master the style elements, it will make it easier to dress for black tie events.

The Jacket

Your black tie look can be made or broken by a well-made jacket.

The standard black dinner jacket is the most popular. However, there are many options for a modern suit and tie. It’s tempting to rebel against tradition, but it is best to be careful. Remember that subtlety can look better than outrageous. Be original but not reckless.

A wool, velvet, or satin jacket with grosgrain or satin lapels should be chosen. A peak lapel makes your shoulders appear more immense and more masculine. While a shawl can make your shoulders look more polished, it can also make them more comprehensive.

The Trousers

You can keep it simple by wearing black, slim-fitting trousers with a braid down your legs. You don’t want to be too tight, but you can still wear your pants loose at the top with subtle white braces.

Dress’s Shirt

For a black tie look, choose a classic white shirt. Quality is not an option. Traditional pleated dress shirts have holes for cufflinks and are traditionally pleated. Consider a cummerbund, or waistcoat. Adding black buttons to your shirt can make a classic look more modern.


For black tie events, a bow tie is essential. However, a clip-on is only recommended if you are seated at the children’s table. Although the traditional bow tie is black, you may want to consider colored variations in subtle colors if you are a true sartorial pro.

Formal shoes should always be black. They should be formal black patent shoes, not your regular go-out shoes.

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