Amal Clooney’s Top 3 Fashion Tips for Workwear

While workwear is being redefined recently, with structured suits and traditional suits being replaced by sweats and corset tops (we are looking at you, Gen Z), there is still an expectation that you dress appropriately for the company’s culture when you arrive at work. For some, athleisure might be acceptable. Others may prefer business casual or formal, but that’s not the case for everyone. If you are looking for Amal Clooney, this guide will help you.

Many Pinterest boards and Instagram galleries dedicated to office outfits still feature matching lounge sets and trend-heavy styles (like wearing outerwear as underwear ). However, Allie McKenna, personal stylist, suggests narrowing your search to icons such as Amal Clooney, whose timeless workwear style is not too stuffy like you would assume a barrister’s.

The Conservative is a place where creativity can be found

Clooney avoids revealing outfits (we can’t see her wearing a ” naked gown”), and she rarely wears anything that’s not tailored. The lawyer’s style is based on clean lines. Her preference for matching separates also a strong point. Over the years, her neckline and hemline have remained conservative.

Clooney doesn’t dress in a traditional “professional” way — think mid-length sheath gowns — but that doesn’t make her look dull, or she doesn’t recognize trends. Clooney does it in a way that suits her style and her job.

Buy a pair of practical but versatile black trousers

After reading this article, you will add any Clooney-approved item to your wardrobe. It should be a pair of black trousers. They have been a staple in Clooney’s wardrobe since the paparazzi discovered her relationship with George in 2013. (And probably even before). But McKenna reminds us that they are never out of fashion, especially in business.

“Amal follows Audrey Hepburn’s Holly Golightly and pairs her trousers with a simple black or white button-down shirt.

McKenna explains that a pencil skirt was made of stretchy fabrics like twill or cotton blends. It was often paired with a button-down of the same material in the days of yore. In today’s modern workplace fashion, wearing a vegan-leather pencil skirt in a professional setting is acceptable.

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